Procurement Function has always been part of Chivory from inception because it started operations as a trading outfit. This has imbued the company with a lot of experience in procurement activities.

Materials Management Department is Chivory’s center-led procurement organization, providing strategic sourcing and tactical buying services for goods and services in support of CAKASA projects nationwide and clients’ procurement needs. Using advanced sourcing methods, global market knowledge, and CAKASA’s global volume purchasing, Materials Management Department seeks to obtain the best pricing, quality, and service available for our clients.

Our procurement activities cover both local and global sourcing. Our understanding of peculiar terrain of International Business ensures your delivery is never delayed. 

Our services

We provide the following services:

  •  Technical & Commercial Specifications
  •  Bid Solicitation & Evaluations
  •  Purchase Order & Contract Development
  •  Transportation, Logistics and Expediting
  •  Vendor Data Control
  •  Inspection and Surveillance

Other Services

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